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CABLE: Wakepark Fehmarn

Introducing a new era of wakepark design

Our customers should benefit from the best value for their wakepark, which is achieved in

HighEST quality


optimized costs

Maximum flexibility

“Innovation comes from saying NO to a 1000 things.”

Steve Jobs


Right now wakepark owners are presented with only two options:

1 – Well-known quality features that come at high manufacturing costs

2 – Lower price or DIY features that often have a lack of quality.

Our goal as a company is to reduce manufacturing costs, while still applying the highest production standards – creating innovative products with a premium quality that guarantees long lasting durability.

Only a LEAN product can provide high value and quality without increasing costs.

Reduce complexity – focus on simplicity! 



Goals and new standards


Production performance


The process for issues


Workflow and key elements


And review the improved process

To provide wakepark owners exactly with what they want and need!

The purpose of our products is to create innovative and long-lasting park improvements that keep it simple, while still providing the highest level of progression and fun.
With our versatile product line, we can provide the highest level of contribution to riders and wakepark owners alike, by giving them more for less.

You don’t have to choose between high quality or accessible prices. 
Choose both.


All our products are interchangeable elements that can be combined in multiple creative ways to create a flexible park setup. 

Our vision of wakepark design is not to focus on stand-alone features, but to create flow sections between individual elements and provide riders with safe and creative lines that can be changed with almost no effort.


DOCK5 Wakepark

Photos: Tim Hendrics


Come visit us at our R&D Lab at DOCK 5 / Düren.

This is where we are fine-tuning new setup options, test prototypes, improve overall product handling and develop new ideas – not only on paper but with an active involvement of the wakeboard community.
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Our approach does not focus on single stand-alone features, but interchangeable elements that come together in a unique setup, which is constantly evolving and will always be up-to-date.

Change is here

Standards and expectations are shifting. Riders don’t ask for big mega features that occupy the larger part of the park. More than ever, the recent riding styles call for individual flow and creative ways of self-expression.

Park owners would rely on their standard packages ( Kicker, Table, A-Frame).

Park owners focus on special stand-alone features and add a new feature every 1-2 seasons. 

Simple and interchangeable elements that focus on creating a unique flow throughout the whole park and offer continuously changing setup options for every riding level. 

Essentials first

Not everything has to be bigger and better. We focus on the simple, but essential elements that will keep any wakepark fun for all skill levels.

Flow is key

All our elements are designed to come together in perfect harmony and offer a unique riding experience. A true wakepark should be more than just a collection of stand-alone features.

Lines for everyone

Fun for all riding levels. Our elements offer safe progression without being intimidating - more lines for everyone!

Riders expect a park to progress and change with their riding.

Just as riding evolves into an individual expression of personality and style, wakeparks need to meet this demand and create a unique setup that encourages individualization and customization.

Our interchangeable elements can be assembled in countless different ways



State-of-the-art wakepark design
committed to value and quality – nothing more, nothing less!

We promise to ensure creativity and quality always has a place in wakeboarding.

Quality & Commitment

We are dedicated to provide the best solution possible for every customer. Communication is important – the more we know about your individual needs, the more we can get involved in creating unique and sustainable wakepark improvements.

Ready for a new era of wakepark design?

Park planning with LEAN ELEMENTS reduces aquisition costs, while still providing a highly creative and versatile setup that will never grow old.


All features are double seam plastic welded according to DVS standards.

No sharp edges and no screws on riding surfaces.

Swimming bodies are filled with EPS for better stability and safety.

Long lasting and UV-stable HDPE.

Easy to assemble, with connections that line up perfectly.


You want to know more about our range of products? 
Contact us with your individual needs!

We offer a selected range of essentials, as well as custom solutions and lake accessories like walkways, wave breakers, barges….

Durability & safety

Wakepark elements are exposed to a lot of pressure through usage, weather conditions, UV-exposure, wind, waves etc. If a product is not manufactured according to high quality standards, it will result in a fast deterioration, decreasing the value and safety of the product.


Our material is a special blend that perfectly meets the needs of wakepark elements. Every component is UV-stabilized and optimized for long-lasting durability. All building materials are non-hazardous and certified for lake-use worldwide.


We have over 10 years of expertise in production according to German quality standards. All our workers are TÜV-certified and strictly maintain highest industrial standards, like DVS. We apply the principles of "Lean Manufacturing" for continuous process optimization.


ISO9001:2015 certified production TÜV and DIN13067 certified plastic welders.

Five years warranty On all parts

Long lasting quality means sustainability


All our components are 100% recyclable.
By using high quality mono-material, every individual part can be recycled and re-introduced into the technical circle, creating a valuable resource.

As a manufacturer of large HDPE products, we take our responsibility seriously and offer to recycle every product after its life cycle.






Building materials


As co-founder and CEO of UNIT Parktech I have been at the front-line of the wakepark industry for 11 years. As head of production and R&D, I have not only designed countless innovative wakeboard features, but continuously optimized the manufacturing process and set new standards in production and quality.
I have managed the production of over 1000 features, making sure every product would meet or even exceed customer expectations.

From working with pro wakeboarders, to create their signature features, to designing progressive event setups – with our vision of UNIT, we have forever changed wakeboarding for the better. 

While I am thankful and proud of these achievements, as the company was evolving, I have found it more and more difficult to align my priorities and stay true to my values.

Progress is often created by taking a step back.

With LEAN ELEMENTS I now have the opportunity to focus on my passion of creating accessible and high quality wakepark designs that will provide the best value for every customer.

LEAN ELEMENTS is a true wakepark company and will exclusively be dedicated to quality and progression in wakeboarding – nothing else.
The company is centered around my extensive experience in creating the best possible product, and my motivation to develop highly individual solutions that require a close collaboration with each customer.


According to LEAN MANUFACTORING principles:

First you have to know what’s good and then eliminate everything that’s not necessary to make it better!

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